At "Glori ir Ko" we understand the importance of working not only for the benefit of ourselves, but also
for the welfare of the environment and the society. We feel responsibility and commitment to the ecology, employees and the community.

Solar power plant

a step towards sustainable business
and CO2 free future

Therefore, in 2024, taking a step towards sustainable business, the company installed a 220kW solar power plant on the roof of its building.

The capacity of the power plant fully meets all the energy needs of the company – both for production processes and for heating, ventilation and air conditioning of buildings. The installed solar power plant will not only supply the company with energy, but also is going to help in reducing CO2 emissions and conserving natural resources.

Social activities

Student initiatives

We helped KTU Student Union to implement their ideas by contributing to the students’ activities.
Together with students, we produced 8 lightboxes used in the events – Night Basketball ’15, Night Basketball ’16, Night Basketball ’17.

Social activities

A visit by the pupils

We invited “Išlaužo” primary school children to visit our factory and learn how sheet metal production is made.