Post box marking

Post box marking

Letter-box has a space to write number, name or surname. Marking can be done with decorative marking or  marking with stickers.
Maintain an aesthetic staircase or office view with decorative numbers of the same style.
You can choose the desired numbering design that suits your environment.

Marking types

Decorative marking

You can choose one of 3 stlyes – “Frame”, “Ornament”, “Flora”.
You can write

  • street number;
  • street name with number;
  • company name;
Marking with laser

Numbering with laser cutting numbers

Resistant to fading, peeling, rubbing away.

The height of number – 25mm.

Marking with stickers

Numbering with plottered stickers.

The height of number – 25mm.

Available colors – white, black, gold.